An evening-wear designer, Stili Deligianni, is known for her fresh and sexy creations. Sleek and modern with a raw edge have been used to describe her designs. Stili is guided by her passion for design, style, and her love for exquisite fabrics. Her mission – to create a product distinguished by it’s quality and her unique look. Stili’s attention to detail, use of exclusive luxe fabrics, manipulation of textiles and exceptional workmanship has enabled her to create evening-wear that is modern and on the cutting edge. Inspired by the sights and sounds of Milan, New York, Miami Beach, and the Caribbean, Stili has explored the fashion influence around the globe. Formally educated at Derby Fashion University, she further broadened her mastery of fashion in Boston and New York working with world-renowned designers.Since debuting in the Fall of 2003, Stili has already established herself as a leading name in innovative evening-wear.